This is what happens when boredom strikes……

I want a guy that is kinda anti-social and as awkward as me….is that to much to ask?? 

It would be my luck to actually get hit up multiple times to kick it but i’m at this overnight track meet

The sadness man the sadness….

robot chicken is a weird ass show…

Days like today I wish I wasn’t such a loner, actually not really…I’m gonna go take a walk.

"Up All Night, The Pack In The House, What Yall Make The Girls Do?"

"Wolf Pack Make Ya Booty Bounce Boppa Bend, Breathe, Strech, Bitch Let It Go" 

2:06 am, my current d.p music.

this song makes me giggle ha  

getting ready for work :)

Space heater on in my room

got it feeling like summer so i’m chilling in a bra and some shorts and I love IT!

My recent facebook post…..

"Soo…My uncle is knocked out on the floor in the living room with his beerbelly hanging out +Me&Ariel Carroll +blue marker=IT’S A BOY!! lmao!"

then he turned over and got a tramp stamp…smh


there’s this nigga I talked to the beginning of my freshman year (he’s a year older) that was trying to make me his girl after a few weeks talking,Yeah no. He was just something to do (not literally) but you get my point. He was a big joke to me I would hella just say stuff just to see what he would do. But I had to cut him because he was boring me and for some shit thats not even worth explaining. I didnt talk to him after that at all! Then I started talking to this other dude that I started to liked…..and guess what they knew each other -____- so it was over for that because (I had to focus on some other stuff) and apparently they were bro’s, “twins” I guess. I didnt see it but anywho. I was just was on facebook bored when I stumbled upon this dude’s page…And why oh why did he get so much cuter?

Yeah bored and thought this was kinda of funny….2 am writing that makes no sense and has no point.

179 plays

Turn volume up all the way and listen guyss :p